Frequently asked questions

Which web browsers are supported?

Google Chrome Microsoft Edge Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Internet Explorer 10/11 Apple Safari

What data types are supported?

You can view the supported data types here.

What are the system requirements?

Windows 7 or newer
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8

What is required to perform a remote capture?

No installation is required on the remote machine you just need administrator access to it (either local or domain admin).

How many installations do I need?

You don't need to install BHE on each computer you wish to analyse history from, you can simply use our capture process to pull history from other computers onto your computer where BHE is installed.

Can I load history from a forensic image?

Yes, you will need to mount the forensic image first as BHE does not directly support parsing forensic image files. Once the image is mounted as read-only you can simply point BHE at the appropriate Windows user profile within the mounted drive.


You can view the licence agreement here.