Professional tool to investigate web browser history

Browser History Examiner (BHE) is a forensic software tool for capturing,
analysing and reporting internet history from the main desktop web browsers.

Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer 10/11 Safari

BHE can assist in various digital investigations such as civil & criminal digital forensics cases,
security incidents, human resources investigations and general employee activity reporting.


Extract over 50 artifacts including, bookmarks, browser settings, cached files, cookies, downloads, favicons, form history, logins, searches, session data, site settings, site storage, thumbnails and website visits.

Remote Acquisition

Automatically acquire browser history from a remote Windows computer over a network. No installation is required on the remote computer and the remote user is not notified when data is captured.

Live Acquisition

Easily acquire browser history from live Windows and macOS computers using our standalone capture tools. Simply run the capture tool on the target computer and load the output into BHE.

Forensic Images

Automatically extract browser history from a Windows or macOS forensic image file. This is available once the image has been mounted using a separate image mounting tool.

Recover Deleted History

Recover deleted browser history from Volume Shadow Copies in Windows. This is available when capturing data from a live computer or forensic image (when mounted using a tool that exposes Volume Shadow Copies).

Report Builder and Data Exports

PDF and HTML reports can be built to highlight specific history records. There are also options to export history data to HTML, Excel, CSV and XML formats.

URL Categorisation

Quickly identify website visits from the following categories: Adult, File Hosting, Local Files/Folders, Malware, Social Media, Webmail.

Website Activity Timeline

Easily identify the most visited websites, most visited pages within a particular website and peaks in internet activity using the interactive timeline.

Cached Web Page Viewer

Files stored in the browser cache are automatically reconstructed and displayed in an offline web browser, allowing web pages to be viewed in the state they were originally seen by the user.

Cached Image Gallery

The built-in image gallery allows all cached images to be browsed easily.

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