About Us

Foxton Forensics was founded in 2011 and we develop forensic software for capturing, extracting and analysing digital evidence. Our focus is on web browser forensics and we have produced a number of free and commercial tools in this area. Since our inception we've sold our products to over 700 customers worldwide. Our users include law enforcement, government, military, corporate and educational organisations. Our combined expertise within software development and digital forensics enables us to provide accurate, reliable and useful digital forensic software.

Foxton Forensics was co-founded by Alex Billingsley and James Billingsley.

Alex is a certified Microsoft application developer with many years experience building software products for a wide range of industries. He has also started and contributed to open-source software projects. Alex is the lead developer of Foxton Forensic products.
James is a certified examiner within a number of forensic software products and has extensive experience running computer investigations and providing expert witness in UK Courts. You will often see James speaking at a number of annual conferences in the computer forensics space. James assists with the research and development of Foxton Forensic products.