Browser History Viewer
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Browser History Viewer is a forensic software tool for extracting and analysing internet history from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers.

Website Visits Website Activity Timeline
Website visits are displayed alongside an interactive graph showing how many sites have been visited over a particular time period. This is useful for identifying peaks in internet activity.
Filtering Filtering
Website history can be analysed with filtering by keyword, date range and web browser type.
Cached Images Cached Image Viewer
Images stored in the browser cache can be easily viewed in the thumbnail gallery or at their original size using the built-in image viewer.
Cached Web Pages Cached Web Page Viewer
Web pages stored in the browser cache are automatically reconstructed, allowing them to be easily viewed in the state that they were originally seen by a user.
Timezone Time Zone and DST Configuration
Timestamps can be converted to any time zone and custom daylight saving rules can be applied.
SANS Training Digital Forensics Training
Browser History Viewer features within the SANS FOR500: Windows Forensic Analysis training course.
Supported Web Browsers
Chrome Chrome (all versions) Firefox Firefox (v3 onwards) Internet Explorer Internet Explorer (v10 onwards) Edge Edge (all versions)