Foxton Forensics provide free and commercial tools for capturing, extracting and analysing internet history from the main desktop web browsers.

Our products are primarily aimed at the field of digital forensics and are used worldwide by law enforcement, government, military, corporate and educational organisations. Take a look at some of our clients.


For an overview of our products see the product comparison.

Uncovering plain text passwords in internet history (21 May 2017)
Poor security practises on the websites we visit can lead to our passwords being insecurely stored on our computer. This can occur on login forms that have a “show password” feature, that allows the user to view the password they have entered before... View details
Analysing web browser history by URL category (16 Jan 2017)
Searching for keywords can be a very effective method of analysing browser history when you are searching for a specific term, however some types of searches require a much broader approach. Therefore, BHE now includes a new Category Filter feature,... View details