• 1 installation
  • 1-year support subscription
  • Basic support
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  • 3 installations
  • 1-year support subscription
  • Priority support
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  • 10 installations
  • 1-year support subscription
  • Priority support
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Frequently asked questions

01. What's included?

Browser History Examiner is a digital product, after completing your order you will receive an automated email providing your licence details. You will have access to technical support and new releases until the end of your support subscription.

02. What is the support subscription renewal price?

The renewal fee is 35% of the current price for a new licence. Renewal provides a further 12 months of support and upgrades. Support subscriptions cannot be renewed once they have expired.

03. Are licences perpetual?

Yes, the software will continue to work after your support subscription has expired.

04. What's the difference between the editions?

Each edition contains the same functionality, but varies in the number of installations allowed and the level of support provided.

05. How can I pay?

Payment can be made securely using a credit card, debit card or PayPal.

06. Can I buy through a reseller?

Yes, any reseller can purchase on behalf of their customers via our purchase page or by requesting a quote. Please note that we do not offer reseller discounts.