Filter history by keyword

To filter all records by a single keyword use the keyword textbox within the right-hand filter panel.

Once the keyword has been entered press the Enter key or click the Filter button at the bottom of the panel. Only records that contain the entered keyword will be displayed. The keyword filter is not case sensitive. The keyword filter can be easily removed using the Undo or Clear buttons within the filter panel.

More advanced options are available from the Advanced Filtering dialog. This can be accessed by clicking on the Advanced button within the filter panel or using the menu Filter > Advanced.

The following options are provided within the Advanced Filtering dialog:

  • Multiple keywords can be entered manually.
  • Keywords can be saved to/loaded from a file. The file format is plain text with each keyword on a new line.
  • Select if keyword filtering uses AND / OR logic.
  • Select if keyword filters are applied against the text content of cached web pages.