Capture a web page

Enter the URL in the address bar and press Enter. Go to File > Capture and enter the following options:

  • Screenshot Type
    • Viewport - captures the current view
    • Single - captures the whole page as a single image (not suitable for sites that dynamically load content such as social media sites)
    • Scrolling - automatically scrolls the viewport to capture the whole page as multiple images
    • Scrolling Autofit - the same as the Scrolling option but the screenshots are automatically sized to fit the aspect ratio of a portrait A4 PDF. If this option does not provide suitable results try changing the browser width via the menu Options > Page width > Fit to A4 PDF and then use the Scrolling option.
  • Scroll Settings
    • Max pages – the maximum number of pages to include in the PDF
    • Page overlap – the number of pixels to overlap each screenshot by to ensure all content is easily visible
    • Wait time per scroll – the time in milliseconds to wait between each screenshot, the default of 1000 usually works but can be increased if required
  • Output Path - the path to save the output files to