August Newsletter

Summer Special Offer
We are offering 15% discount on all new sales and support subscription renewals until the end of August. Simply use the voucher code SUMMER19 during checkout:

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Analysing synchronised browser history
In June we discussed the data that Firefox and Chrome record when they sync website visits between devices:

At DFRWS EU 2018, Jacques Boucher and Nhien-An Le-Khac presented a 'Forensic framework to identify local vs synced artefacts':

In particular they discussed how to determine if browser artefacts were synced or created locally when the browser doesn't explicitly record this information. The "application analysis" portion of the framework involves looking for cookies or cache records associated with a particular website visit. Since cookies and cache records do not get synced then their presence would indicate that the website visit happened on the local device.

The full paper is available to view in detail:

Browser History Examiner v1.11 released
BHE v1.11 has been released, adding the ability to capture history from an external drive and support for cached images in WebP format. Customers with a support subscription can download this update from our customer portal: