May Newsletter

Review of Browser History Examiner
Brett Shavers of DFIR Training recently reviewed Browser History Examiner:

"Will I use BHE on a case? I already have and when another opportunity arises where BHE fits the bill, I will use it."

He gave his thoughts on what BHE is like to use and where the tool adds most value. Read the full review at:

Viewing internet history remotely
As more employees are now working remotely the ability to remotely capture data has become increasingly important. BHE has a built-in remote capture feature allowing you to easily pull internet history from a Windows computer over a network (including VPN connections). You can try this out for free in the trial version of BHE:

A user guide is also available:

Easter Cyber Challenge
We ran our second Cyber Challenge last month and had over 200 players from 28 countries join in. Looks like this was a tough one though as only one person successfully completed it. They claimed the top prize of a free BHE Pro licence and Amazon voucher. Look out for the full walkthrough that we'll be publishing soon on our blog.