May Newsletter

Analysing Firefox Session Restore data
Our latest blog post provides an in-depth analysis of the file format used for Firefox session restore data. We also look at the various backup files created by the session restore process and how these may contain additional useful data:

IE tab in new Edge browser
Last month we reported that Microsoft have released preview builds of the Edge browser that is based on Chromium, and that our initial research shows that the history and cache artefacts are the same as the Chrome browser. It appears that the new Edge browser will also feature an Internet Explorer rendering engine for backwards compatibility. Therefore, we'll be reviewing this to determine if there will be any IE artefacts created when using the IE tab feature:

Browser History Examiner v1.9.2 released
BHE v1.9.2 has been released, adding support for recovering data from Firefox session restore backups. Customers with a support subscription can download this update from our customer portal: