Back in 2011 we launched FoxAnalysis and ChromeAnalysis, our first commercial tools for analysing Firefox and Chrome internet history. Since then both products have been used worldwide by law enforcement, government, military, corporate and educational organisations.

In 2014 we launched a new generation of browser forensics tools, including our flagship product Browser History Examiner (BHE), which provides support for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge in a single tool. As the majority of our customers are now using BHE, we are retiring FoxAnalysis and ChromeAnalysis in order to focus on BHE and future products.

What does this mean for existing users of FoxAnalysis and ChromeAnalysis?
  • All of our licences are perpetual so existing versions of the software can still be used.
  • Users who currently have an active support subscription can continue to receive support and fixes until their subscription expires.
  • Users who currently have an active support subscription can have their licences converted to BHE free of charge.
  • Users who have an expired support subscription can contact us for more details about converting to a BHE licence.

Finally, thank you to all of our long-standing users of FoxAnalysis and ChromeAnalysis, we hope that you will continue to enjoy Browser History Examiner and our future products.