Browser History Examiner v1.9 is now available which includes the following new features:

Website History - Summary View
The summary view displays website visits grouped by domain, then ordered by visit count. This makes it very easy to get an overview of the websites a user has been visiting, and which websites have been visited the most frequently or infrequently.

The summary view works alongside the interactive timeline allowing the view to be filtered by month, day or hour.

If a there is a particular website of interest then all history records can be filtered by this domain using the context menu (accessed by right-clicking on the domain).

There is also the option to navigate straight to the Detailed View for a specific Website Visit record.

Search History - Word Cloud
As discussed in a previous blog post, Browser History Examiner builds up a history of searches carried out by parsing URLs from many internet history data sources such as Website Visits, Session Data, Cache Records and Favicons.

This data can now be visually summarised within a word cloud allowing the examiner to get a high level overview of the type and frequency of words being searched for.

Export to Excel
The Excel export provides a single XLSX file containing a worksheet for each data type exported. This export option allows the user to continue analysing the data outside of Browser History Examiner, by using the built-in spreadsheet capabilities for sorting, filtering and bookmarking.