Product Comparison
Browser History Examiner ChromeAnalysis FoxAnalysis
Browser Support
Chrome Chrome (all versions)
Firefox Firefox (v3 onwards)
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer (v10 onwards)
Edge Edge (all versions)
Data Type Support
Cached Files
Email Addresses
Form History
Search Terms
Session Data
Website Visits
Cached Images and Web Pages
Image viewer
Image thumbnail gallery
Export images
Web page viewer
Export reconstructed web pages
Filtering and Searching
Filter by keyword
Filter by URL category
Filter by date range
Filter by time range
Search text content of cached web pages
Search text content of cached JSON
Data Export and Reporting
Export to CSV
Export to XML
Export to Concordance Load File
Create HTML report
Create PDF report
Other Functionality
Time zone and DST configuration
Load/Save case files
Remote data capture
Recover deleted history
JSON viewer

* Internet Explorer/Edge not supported.