Foxton Forensics provide free and commercial tools for capturing, extracting and analysing internet history from the main desktop web browsers.

Our products are primarily aimed at the field of digital forensics and are used worldwide by law enforcement, government, military, corporate and educational organisations. Take a look at some of our clients.


For an overview of our products see the product comparison.

Examining internet history in forensic images (03 Jul 2016)
There are a number of ways we can capture and present internet history data to Browser History Examiner (BHE) for analysis. Whichever method is chosen the investigator will need to mount the forensic image in order to present the internet history dat... View details
Capturing web browser history from a remote computer (27 Apr 2016)
To streamline the process of capturing browser history from a Windows computer on a network we have added a remote capture feature within BHE. This allows you to capture browser history from a remote computer on your network and copy the output direc... View details